What Others Say About Us: Teachers

“RSVP is very timely and relevant for my students.  They benefited from the real-life application, up to date information to make informed decisions.  RSVP hits every learning objective in the 8th-grade academy prep curriculum and is exactly what they need in this day and time.  Thank you.”

“RSVP fits in with our Human Growth and Development Unit.”

“The topics were covered with dignity in a safe environment.  RSVP helps meet learning objectives involved in body systems in human growth and development”

“The RSVP Instructor gave great examples that the students were able to both relate to and understand. “

“My students benefited from the variety of activities and learning ways to be abstinent. The learning objectives met were alcohol and other drug prevention.”

“Students learned how the brain works in response to risky behaviors.  Discussion of alcohol and other drug abstinence, as well as sexual abstinence, helped meet learning objectives; dating violence discussion helps them make better decisions.”

“My students benefited from abstinence, disease prevention, healthy relationships, responsible decision-making, peer pressure refusal skills, and dating violence.  RSVP is such a great program! So Important!”

“C.A.T.S. presenters were very engaging and did a great job.  Students need to see positive peers telling them that it is ok to not engage in risky behavior.  C.A.T.S. helps me meet the educational outcome of abstinence – understanding that choices have consequences and the knowledge of healthy relationships.”