About Us

To reach our goal of equipping youth with knowledge and skills to make decisions and practice behaviors that enhance health and wellness, AHY conducts curriculum and youth led programs in school classrooms.

Since 1987 over 127,000 students participated in Concerned About Teen Success youth led peer education program thanks to over 2,000 courageous and talented youth.

Positive character traits are the foundation of Alliance for Healthy Youth:

  • Respect

    is how we feel about the brilliance and resilience of youth who participate in our programs.

  • Responsibility

    is taken to provide effective practices in our youth development programs that emphasize risk avoidance and development of healthy behaviors.

  • Self-Control

    enables youth in prevention led programs, Staff and Board to achieve our short term goal (programs) and long term goal (sustainability).

  • Honesty

    helps youth meet their goals by giving them facts about the outcomes of positive behaviors and risk activities with accuracy and caring.

  • Courage

    powers youth who make healthy choices no matter the pressure to do otherwise as it powers the mission of Alliance for Healthy Youth.

Service Area

School Districts Served

Summit County: Akron, Barberton, CVCA, Copley-Fairlawn, Coventry, Cuyahoga Falls, Manchester, St. Vincent. St. Mary, Stow-Monroe Falls, Tallmadge, Twinsburg, Woodridge

Medina County:  Buckeye, Wadsworth

Portage County: Crestwood, Field, Kent, Southeast, Waterloo

Private Schools:  Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy, St. Vincent St. Mary, Hoban High School

Ashtabula County: Served by Alliance for Healthy Youth staff

Tuscarawas County: Served by Alliance for Healthy Youth staff

Belmont County: Partner with Belmont Co. Student Services: Barnesville, Bellaire, Bridgeport, Martin’s Ferry, Shadyside, St. Clairsville, Union Local

Carroll County: Carroll County Health Department

Noble County: Partner with Noble Co. Health Dept. Shenandoah MS and Caldwell MS

Monroe County: Partner with the Belmont student services for the Switzerland of Ohio Schools

Please contact us for program services if your district isn’t listed.

What others say about us

I think RSVP is very informative so I like it.  Abstinence means that you make good choices.  I now know the risks.  I will be abstinent by making good friends.

I had no clue what abstinence was before the program.

RSVP taught me about STIs.  I will wait until I’m married and not drink unless 21.

RSVP informed me about things I was curious about.  My opinion about sex changed and I will not have sex until marriage.

I like how you had posters, stories and little activities you did to help us understand everything better.  Yes, my opinions changes by understanding things more.

RSVP showed me that other people care about us.  I will be abstinent by saving sex till marriage and not doing drugs.

Student Comments
Student Comments

Student questions were answered and information prepared them for changes they have feared or will face.  Part of 6th grade curriculum is reproduction and the program met this objective in an informative and responsible way.

I feel RSVP is great info for the allotted time.  It’s hard to do that much in 5 days.  The program covers the drugs and human sexuality units of my curriculum.

I feel that the RSVP curriculum is great and it is great how it’s adapted to changing times.  Students learned different ways to resist risky behaviors and realize they are not the only ones practicing abstinence.  The program helps meet learning objectives to resist peer pressure and practice healthy habits.

RSVP covers issues that are difficult to cover in regular curriculum.  It reinforces positive life choices, provides strategies on how to handle difficult situations.  The program fits Ohio Education Standards.

RSVP validates my curriculum.  Students benefited from discussion, videos, activities and parent homework assignment.  The program reinforces objectives and gives most up to date information available.

RSVP information was important to what they are dealing with in their lives.  It helps them realize that not everyone is doing it.

Teacher Comments
Teacher Comments

Abstinence means stay away.  I didn’t agree with abstinence not all the way I had no idea how bad sex was.  Yes, my opinion changed, thank you I bet you saved my life.  I will do no drugs or have sex.

RSVP is informational and it’s good for kids that are thinking about making these choices.  After the program I will make better choices by not doing drugs and not having sex.

RSVP taught me about the dangers of STIs and STDs. Abstinence is willingly choosing to sustain from something personally.

I liked learning about the risk of diseases about having sex.  Abstinence is your decision of what to do mostly smart and good decisions.  My opinions changed at first I didn’t really, but then I learned.

I liked the Woo Chart and writing a message to someone.  Abstinence means not doing something.  The program made me think more.  I will not drink or do drugs.

RSVP teaches you smart things to do in a relationship.  Abstinence means to be sex free.  I will control my actions.

Student Comments
Student Comments

My opinions have changed about being sexually active and I agree with Abstinence.

I don’t think its ok to have sex at a young age, or smoke or do drugs. I like this program and want to sign up to be in it.

I kind of agreed with abstinence and this program will make me think more before getting involved in risky things.

I agree with everything the program talked about, but it helped to change my ideas of smoking and drinking. I now know the dangers.

Before the program I didn’t agree with Abstinence, but since hearing them my opinions on drinking has changed.

Student Comments
Student CommentsOn the C.A.T.S. Program