Our Programs/Media

Alliance for Healthy Youth provides direct program services to schools, agencies that serve youth, and community groups. The programs, RSVP and C.A.T.S., are character-based prevention education. Respect, responsibility, self-control, courage, and honesty lay the foundation for healthy decision-making and resulting wellness.

RSVP is a character-based prevention education curriculum for 6-7-8th grade students.  As an evidenced-based curriculum, good character education is interwoven with active learning methods including demonstrations, games, activities, and role-play to help students avoid risky behaviors and make healthy decisions. Please visit the RSVP page to learn more and order the curriculum.
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C.A.T.S. is a positive youth development program, created in partnership with youth. When youth are partners with adults in making decisions that affect them the likelihood that the decisions will be accepted and become part of their everyday lives increases. Youth are more likely to be effective at engaging peers and have a greater impact. The empowered youth in C.A.T.S. identify and respond to peer needs which helps them become empathetic and future-focused.

My Story Today Podcast is a podcast led by members of C.A.T.S. providing helpful information from life scenarios, drug education, poems, to useful resources, and The Responsible Choice video series.

C.A.T.C.H. is a youth-led peer support prevention program that is school-based and designed to help students who are experiencing emotional or physical stress.