Character Video Program

Alliance for Youth provides 52 video lessons that use the serious comedy of Keith Deltano to address bullying, cyberbullying, suicide prevention, drug and alcohol avoidance, resilience, dropout prevention, good decision-making, and other character education issues.

These video presentations are structured as short lessons and follow-up questions. You can stream these engaging videos into your classroom or school-wide.

Instructors can choose individual video lessons that are age-appropriate for the grade levels and demographics they serve. 

Student Bullying Videos
Students, Drugs, and Alcohol
Teacher Workshop
Parent Workshop

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Student Bullying: Section 1

• Four Forms of Bullying: Middle School
• Four Forms of Bullying: High School
• Are You Obsessed With Appearance? Middle School
• Are You Obsessed With Appearance: High School
• Cyberbullying Will Get You Busted
• You Will Survive Middle School
• This Should Make Us Nicer
Student Bullying: Section 2

• Suicide is Not a Good Idea
• Naked Images Will Get You Busted
• Apologizing Takes Courage
• Exclusion is Painful and Delusional
• Stop Labeling People
• Middle School Drama Is Brutal
Student Bullying: Section 3

• What Happened to Forgiveness?
• Don’t Let the Haters Live in Your Head
• Do You Have Courage
• What Motivates Bullies
• How to Make a Stand Against Hate
• Mental Illness: Asking for Help – Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid
• Mental Illness – We Can Help
• For Some, School is the Only Place to Find Acceptance
Student Bullying: Section 4

• The Virtual World and Depression
• Popularity Is Overrated
• Cyberbullying is Cowardly
• Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity
• Who’s Different Now
• What You Don’t Know
• To My ADHD and Dyslexic Friends
Student Bullying: Section 5

• Sometimes Adults Mess Up
• What Would You Do?
• There are No Do Overs
• Coping With COVID and Mental Health Challenges
• Signing The Pledge – Younger Students
• Signing the Pledge – Older Students
Students, Drugs, and Alcohol

• Dropping Out is Expensive
• Drugs are Stupid
• How to Get a DUI
• Fry Your Brain – Be Poor
• I Planned on Blowing Chow
• Don’t Get Arrested for Being There
• How to Choke on Your Vomit
• Chasing The Tail of The Dragon: High School
• Chasing The Tail of The Dragon: Middle School
• The Cost of Swag and Peer Pressure
Teacher Workshop

• Show Value
• Outside Social Success
• Break up Social Hierarchies
• What to do When You Get the Call
• The Non-Emotional Response
• Now For the Bully
• Everything Moved Online
• Summary
Parent Workshop

• Keeping Your Children Safe and Encouraging Resiliency
• Confidence, Competence and Identity Outrank Drama and Risk
• Resiliency: The Great Anti Bully