Testimonials: RSVP

“They talked about important things that happen in real life.
Like drug abuse and how to make the right choices in life.”

“I like learning about other people’s stories about the struggles of their teen
pregnancies, which showed me the struggles and why I should wait for marriage.”

“I got to learn information that I will actually use and I liked working in the
groups and with a partner.”

“I learned valuable information about needed topics, I think I
will pay attention to the things we learned.”

“I liked the games – Jeopardized, and Parent Match. I also think that my
friends liked the candy but not me. (I think you should pass out chocolate.)”

“What I liked most was how we got to watch videos to learn. We got
candy and she taught me new things about drugs, alcohol, sex, and the word abstinence.”

“RSVP focused more on the positives of not making a bad decision than the negatives of when you do. It made the program overall feel more positive.”

“It showed me more good reasons on waiting to become sexually active until marriage. It also showed me what and how many different STI’s there are and what the symptoms are.”