What Others Say About Us: Students

“I liked we learned about valuable information about needed topics in RSVP, I think I will pay attention to the things I learned.”

“RSVP focused on the positives of the making of not making a bad decision than the negatives of when you do.”

“It showed me more good reasons on waiting to become sexually active until marriage.  RSVP also showed me what and how many STIs there are.”

“RSVP taught us about important things that happen in real life, like drug abuse and how to make right choices in life.”

“By the examples, in RSVP I learned new stuff and I feel like I am more responsible.”

“I personally stay abstinent and would like to for a lot longer in my life.  C.A.T.S. gave me a broader understanding of everything.”

“C.A.T.S. covered things and I appreciate it.   I think the best way to avoid pregnancy and STIs is abstinence.”

“All the C.A.T.S. members were wonderful.  I enjoyed the presentations.  I believe these topics should be talked about in every high school.  Thank you for coming out.”

“I agree with C.A.T.S.  They made my opinions stronger.”

“I feel like I’m more likely to be abstinent now that I’ve learned about all the different risks that come with sex.”