Responsible Social Values Program (RSVP) is an evidenced-based middle school prevention curriculum. The lesson plans help students correlate the risk areas of alcohol/drug use and premarital sexual activity. School climate is affected positively because of emphasis on respect.

  • Sixth grade students are taught positive character and friendship qualities, the meaning of immediate and delayed gratification, and how to avoid risky behaviors such as premarital sexual activity, alcohol and drug use.
  • Seventh grade students learn how to set standards for healthy relationships, future dating standards (including dating violence education), benefits of staying away from risky behaviors,  human trafficking awareness and goal setting to achieve a successful future.
  • Eighth grade students learn that parenting is an adult responsibility, how to use resistance skills, how to set and keep physical limits, dating violence and good decision-making skills.
  • RSVParent Meetings and parent/guardian child homework help stimulate communication between students and their families.

Concerned About Teen Success (C.A.T.S.) peer educators are area teens who volunteer in the program and are cooperatively released by their schools each month as part of their community service programs.  Upon invitation, C.A.T.S. and their director will come to your classes. Plan on an energetic, poignant experience with your students as C.A.T.S. face the issues that confront teens and offer positive strategies for success.

Youth Lead Prevention Education.  Peer educators who specialize in alcohol and other drug prevention education for middle school students.

Teachers tell us:

“RSVP reinforced curriculum, taught many new concepts and took our curriculum one step further.”

“We have done this program for 25 years and it is even more valuable now to our students than it has ever been.

“Abstinence is an acceptable option and the only option that eliminated risks. I love the healthy and unhealthy relationship lesson. The RSVP Instructor is very knowledgeable with up to date facts, has good rapport with students and responded to tough questions in a professional manner benefiting an abstinence program. I would love the opportunity to work with RSVP again.

C.A.T.S. Members tell us:

“I chose to talk and love love and infatuation because a lot of teems get confused and think that they are in love, when they are infatuated. They end up giving their virginity to someone that could end the relationship at the drop of a dime. I believe a person deserves more than that. Thats why I chose to stay abstinent. I want to wait for someone who loves me truly, enough to make the commitment to marry me to them my best self..