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Responsible Social Values Program (RSVP)

RSVP is an evidence-based prevention education curriculum for students in
sixth, seventh, and eighth grades. Students who have participated in RSVP
have demonstrated statistically significant improvements on pre/post written
surveys that measured key variables related to adolescent sexual behavior.
RSVP is designated as medically accurate by the Administration of Children
and Families, and is A-H compliant for Title V funding.

Program Results:

RSVP has been evaluated by a team of independent, 3rd party program
evaluators from the University of Toledo, Toledo Ohio. The evaluation
featured a pre/post quasi-experimental design which utilized a
non-equivalent control group.  A theory-based, reliable and valid survey
instrument for data collection was designed based on the goals, objectives,
and content of the RSVP curriculum.

According to Dr. Timothy R. Jordan, Lead Evaluator, the program evaluation
results for 2009-2010 revealed that RSVP was . . .

1.    Effective in changing the outcome expectations of students in grades 6-8.

2.    Effective in changing 7th grade students' efficacy expectations for
       resisting sexual pressure. 

3.    Effective in changing 7th grade students' efficacy expectations to
       say "no" to sex.

In addition, the evaluation team reported that there was moderately strong
evidence to suggest that RSVP was effective at changing students'
perceptions of the perceived likelihood that they would remain sexually
abstinent during three future time frames. Moderately strong evidence also
suggested that the efficacy expectations of 6th and 8th grade students were

To read the 2009-10 RSVP Evaluation Report click here

Medical Accuracy:

Medical information contained in RSVP is supported by cited research that is supported by the weight of research from peer-reviewed journals, leading professional organizations, with expertise in the field. 

A-H Compliance: 

RSVP meets or exceeds each element of A-H.

Program Overview:

RSVP lesson plans are designed for 5 classes each at 6th, 7th and 8th grades.  A total of 15 hours of instruction through out middle school help students avoid premarital sexual activity, alcohol and other drug use, and promote healthy decision making.

            Sixth Grade – students learn positive character and friendship qualities, the meaning of delayed and immediate gratification, and resistance skills.

            Seventh Grade – students learn how recognize the characteristics of healthy relationships, future dating standards including dating violence prevention, goal setting, and benefits of avoiding unhealthy behaviors.

            Eighth Grade – students learn the responsibilities of parenting, how to use resistance skills, how to set and keep physical boundaries, and decision making skills.

            RSVParent Meetings and parent/guardian child homework at each grade level help stimulate communication between students and their families.

RSVP curriculum can be taught in middle and junior high schools, after school and summer programs, as well as in youth programs and clubs. 

Program Ordering:

RSVP Curriculum Kit includes teacher’s manual, PowerPoint slides, Posters, 2 DVDs and Game Books.

Cost for the RSVP Curriculum Teaching Kit is $299.00.  Cost for RSVProfessional Training and Development Seminar and Teaching Kit is $399.00 per person (not including travel to your training site).

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