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Our Mission

Alliance for Healthy Youth is a non-profit, non-partisan organization that empowers, encourages, and educates youth to make and keep healthy lifestyle choices.

Our philosophy is that when youth are surrounded with support and care, especially from parents and family, they will emerge with the ability to avoid risky behaviors.  We believe that when parents, families, schools, community and youth themselves work together they are empowered to an even greater extent to make healthy decisions.

Our Programs

RSVP is character-based prevention education curriculum for 6-7-8th grade students.  As an evidenced-based curriculum, good character education is interwoven with active learning methods including demonstrations, games, activities and role plays to help students avoid risk behaviors and make healthy decisions.  Please visit the RSVP page to learn more and order the curriculum. RSVP is Title V funding eligible.


Our Goal

Alliance for Healthy Youth equips youth with the knowledge and skills to make decisions and practice behaviors that enhance health and wellness.

We recognize that many youth are making healthy choices – we commend them and their families! 

We understand that youth who have engaged in risky behaviors in the past have the ability, and in many cases the desire, to return to healthy choices and live in a healthy way.


What We Do

Alliance for Healthy Youth provides direct program services to schools, agencies that serve youth, and community groups.  The programs, RSVP and C.A.T.S., are character- based prevention education.  Respect, responsibility, self-control, courage and honesty lay the foundation for healthy decision making and resulting wellness.




For more than twenty years RSVP and C.A.T.S. have served youth and their families. During that time, over 1,200 high school students have volunteered in the C.A.T.S. program challenging over 100,000 peers.  RSVP and C.A.T.S. are included in Health, Family and Consumer Science, and Science classes to enhance learning standards.





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